Its December ! What happen ?

Guess what ?
yea it is Spongebob Squarepants
and Patrick Star at bikini bottom
They are celebrating Christmas too
I love this cartoon so much and I am addicted to that yellow thinggy
and the fat pink starfish !

When you saw this pic
you'll scream Santa !
same to me, I'll scream too
I believe in Santa exist, haha !

Besides of Chinese New Year
that we celebrated
We also celebrated Christmas and
I love Christmas the most
I dont know why :)

Maybe I love to decorate Christmas Tree
I have many sweet memory about these
 I cant wait for Christmas !
It must be fun
go ice skating with my sister
I cant wait for that :)

Happy December to everyone
enjoy your beautiful month of the year :D

Thanks for reading ! Suka ? LIKE ja . Ngee :)

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